Call for Participation

The Eighth Dialog System Technology Challenge (DSTC8)
Call for Participation 
The DSTC shared tasks have provided common testbeds for the dialog research community since 2013.

From its sixth edition, it has been rebranded as "Dialog System Technology Challenge" to cover a wider variety of dialog related problems.

For this year's challenge, we opened the call for track proposals and selected the following four parallel tracks by peer-reviews:
- End-to-end Task Completion
- NOESIS II: Predicting Responses
- Audio Visual Scene-Aware Dialog
- Schema-Guided State Tracking

Participation is welcomed from any research team (academic, corporate, non-profit, government).

Important Dates
- Jun 17, 2019: Training data is released
- Sep 23, 2019: Test data is released
- Oct 6, 2019: Entry submission deadline
- Nov 2019: Paper submission deadline
- Spring 2020: DSTC8 workshop (venue: TBD)

DSTC8 Organizing Committee
- Seokhwan Kim - Amazon Alexa AI, USA
- Michel Galley - Microsoft Research AI, USA
- Chulaka Gunasekara - IBM Research AI, USA
- Sungjin Lee - Microsoft Research AI, USA

DSTC8 Track Organizers
End-to-end Task Completion Dialog Challenge
- Adam Atkinson, Hannes Schulz, Kaheer Suleman, Layla El Asri, Mahmoud Adada, Shikhar Sharma, Wendy Tay (Microsoft Research in Montreal)
- Jianfeng Gao, Sungjin Lee, Xiujun Li (Microsoft Research AI)
- Minlie Huang (Tsinghua University)

NOESIS II: Predicting Responses, Identifying Success, and Managing Complexity in Task-Oriented Dialogue
- Chulaka Gunasekara, Luis Lastras (IBM Research AI) 
- Walter S. Lasecki, Jonathan K. Kummerfeld (University of Michigan)

Audio Visual Scene-Aware Dialog Track
- Chiori Hori, Anoop Cherian, Tim K. Marks (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories)

Scalable Schema-Guided Dialogue State Tracking
- Abhinav Rastogi, Amir Fayazi, Raghav Gupta, Ulrich Rueckert, Jindong Chen (Google AI)

DSTC Steering Committee
- Koichiro Yoshino - Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan 
- Luis Fernando D'Haro - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain 
- Chiori Hori - Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL), USA 

Contact Information
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For specific enquiries about DSTC8: 
Please feel free to contact any of the Organizing Committee members directly.